You Have Nothing to Lose

Do you think you will lose friends once you quit smoking? This is a common fear, but new research suggests that this is not true![1, 2] Most people in the United States don’t smoke and this is also the case in the military. Even though it might seem that all of your peers are smoking, in reality only 25%[3] of the military smokes cigarettes. When you quit, you might lose a few of your smoking friends, but you will gain nonsmoking friends from the 75% majority!

Are you good friends with people who smoke? When you smoke, you might bond with those who you socialize with in the smoke pit or on your smoke break. This is only natural. However, data suggests that once you quit, you realize that you might have little in common with your smoker friends. Quit buddies are always a great idea when quitting, so recruiting them from the smoke pit might be an option, but if those friends don’t support you, look for support in the nonsmoking community.

Quitting is also opportunity to gain new friends on a new sports team or from joining a group. When you were a smoker, you might have refrained from joining new groups because you were worried about people judging you that you smoked. Or, not being in the best of shape if you joined a new sports team. You don’t need to worry about that anymore once you quit.

So, what are you waiting for? Your social life won’t suffer after you quit. It’s time to quit tobacco and grow your network. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, including new friends, money, and better health. Check out our social media pages to gain the support network of nonsmoking friends and start your tobacco-free journey.