Quit on Monday and Start Your Week Fresh

Have the case of the Mondays? Cheer up! Monday is a fresh start to a new week and a great day to quit tobacco!

Research shows that tobacco users who chose Monday as a quit date have a higher quitting success than those who quit on another day of the week.1 That also means that quitting tobacco on a Monday gives you more confidence because you know you are more likely to succeed. Remember, there are 52 Mondays in a year, give or take, which means you have 52 chances to quit.

Whether you are attempting to quit for the first time or you have relapsed and want to start over, Monday can provide a new beginning to a week of being tobacco-free.  Maybe pick a Monday that means something to you, like the first Monday of your birthday month, or maybe the Monday falls on a date that’s your favorite number. Either way, picking a Monday is a great choice!

With Ready2Quit you can see a full year’s calendar which will show you each day of the week so you are able to pick a Monday as your quit date. So what are you waiting for? Monday is coming up!


1 Information & Quality Healthcare (2015). Pilot of a Monday-based tobacco cessation intervention via the Mississippi State Tobacco Quitline.