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Quit Tobacco – Make Everyone Proud is pleased to offer around-the-clock, personalized online support. You'll find live support from expert coaches. This service is for TRICARE eligible beneficiaries, VHA Veterans, and those who are assisting them in quitting tobacco.

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TRICARE®’s Smoking QuitLine

When you are ready to quit smoking, help is only a phone call away. All non-Medicare-eligible beneficiaries can receive assistance with smoking cessation through TRICARE®’s toll-free Smoking Quitline, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. Get started with your quit plan today by calling one of the following regional numbers:
  • North Region: 866–459–8766
  • South Region: 877–414–9949
  • West Region:  888–713–4597

Download the brochure to learn more about this toll-free quitline.

Privacy and Disclaimer

Please do not submit any information that is confidential. Although Quit Tobacco–Make Everyone Proud and Live Chat have taken steps to protect your privacy, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you send over the Internet.

Please note that, although we offer the latest science-based cessation information and resources to help you quit smoking and chewing, we are not health care providers and cannot provide medical advice. This service is not a substitute for talking to your health care provider.

If you are not eligible for TRICARE® benefits or are not a Veteran enrolled in the VA health care system, check out the following services:

*National Cancer Institute Live Chat: Receive information and advice about quitting smoking through real-time text messaging with a National Cancer Institute smoking cessation counselor.

* The Federal Government¹s one-stop shop to help you quit tobacco.

*1–800–Quit–Now. This toll-free telephone number connects you to counseling and information about quitting smoking in your State.