Frequently Asked Questions About QT

Can I use the information on this website for my report/article/website?

All of the materials available through this website are in the public domain and can be reproduced and distributed. If you choose to modify the content, please indicate that the material has been adapted.

Does this website have specific information on..?

To find specific information, type keywords related to the subject in the search box. Examples may include substances such as tobacco, smokeless tobacco, or topics such as quitting, staying quit, or cravings. The search function is on every page of our site.

How can I keep up with the latest information from the Quit Tobacco— website?

To learn what's new on this website, sign up for the monthly QuitBrief email update. You will receive e-mails telling you when there's something new on the Quit Tobacco— website.

How should I reference information from this website?

References to information obtained from the Quit Tobacco— website should be attributed to the Department of Defense (DoD). We ask that you give full credit to Quit Tobacco— and link back to the original source. Citations should include the title of the article and a link to it.

What should I do if I find a broken link on your website?

If you see a broken link or notice any technical problems with the website, or if you simply want to send a comment, please email the Webmaster. Your feedback is our greatest tool!

Will you exchange links with my website?

Please consider linking to from your website and bookmark the site on computers in your organization, school, or library. This will help us reach more people with information and resources to promote quitting tobacco and staying quit. All requests to place links on the Quit Tobacco— website are reviewed on an ongoing basis. New links will be added to our site as appropriate. To request a link exchange, please email the Webmaster with the name of your website, the URL, and the reason you believe your site would be a valuable resource to our audience. Our policies prevent us from linking to commercial sites (sites offering products or services that are not free); sites that promote the use of alcohol, tobacco or illicit drugs; and sites that are affiliated with alcohol or tobacco producers.

Do you have any thing I can use to create my own materials?

You can download files which have been provided in multiple formats to produce your own materials. File formats include PDF, JPG, and EPS files.